Erasmus Student Network is Europe's largest student network working to increase the quality and quantity of Erasmus mobility in the European higher education field. Identifies the obstacles and motivations for students to go abroad. The organization works to improve conditions and promote the exchange experience for current and future exchange students and deals with all aspects of this issue directly or indirectly as widely as possible. It does this without being associated with any political or confessional group. It represents the needs and expectations of exchange students at the local, national, and international level. ESN Cag University, ESN is one of Turkey's 40 branches. Carrying out projects in the fields of equal opportunity in education, skills and employability, health and well-being, environmental sustainability and social inclusion is one of its main goals. This goal is followed by ensuring the adaptation of international students to the country and supporting the professional development of local students. As ESN Cag University, we are honored to host the Next Step project and to have the chance to develop other people with whom you will first influence, and then with the gains, you will gain from this project with the butterfly effect.